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72mg Nicotine VG Base 100ml


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Quick Overview

Why use 72mg/ml Nicotine Base?

72mg/ml means that it is 33.33% stronger than the normal 54 mg/ml available, you use less, so it will last longer (it will produce 33.33% more e-liquid than 54mg/ml), that equates to value for money.

50ml of 72mg/ml Nicotine will produce 200ml of e-juice at 18mg strength when mixed with PG/VG and Flavourings!

You can have more flexibility with the dilatants used in your liquids, so you can produce better PG/VG ratios, the ability to make stronger final strengths becomes available.

Easier to calculate.

Less storage room required.



Each Batch is tested and certified and conforms to USP EurPh (7.2%) in USP EurPh Vegetable Glycerin.
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