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Closer Mod Anodized Titanium Set By Comp Lyfe Unetched


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Quick Overview

So here we have The Closer mod Anodized titanium, matte black Housing, Copper contact, Copper Button, CompLyfe anodized titanium drip tip, Copper knurled mini cap and silver 2post battle deck (BD#24)

Select the number to see the exact Mod you will be getting.




  • Anodized titanium
  • Matte Black Housing
  • Copper contact
  • Anodized Comp lyfe drip tip
  • Copper button with skull
  • Copper Knurled Mini Cap
  • BD#24 Battle Deck

Please select the number to pick the style you would like, only selectable options are available, if you can not select it, it is not available. 

This is a mechanical mod which doesnt feature any safety features, please make sure you have a good understanding of ohms law and battery safety, if you do not have a good understanding of these please do not purchase this device, Evolution Vaping will not be held responsible for the missue of products that may/have caused harm/damage to persons or properties. 

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