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  1. Apple Shisha By Britannia Salt 10ml

    A delight for shisha lovers as Britannia Salt brings a classic flavour that burst with fruity apple goodness!
  2. Black Chew By Britannia Salt 10ml

    A sweet aniseed flavour reminiscent of the nostalgic Black Chew treats.
  3. Black ICE By Britannia Salt 10ml

    Take your blackcurrant flavour to the highest level, infused with the right amount of menthol you’ll surely enjoy.
  4. Blueberg By Britannia Salt 10ml

    Delightful Blueberries combined with menthol giving you a cool, fruity taste.
  5. Fruit Custard By Britannia Salt 10ml

    A magnificent blend of mixed fruits with the creamy goodness of custard!
  6. Grape By Britannia Salt 10ml

    Great grape vaping experience brought to you by Britannia Salt. You never had a grape taste like this.
  7. Ice Mint By Britannia Salt 10ml

    As refreshing as it gets. Ice Mint is one strong blend of mint and menthol. Extremely refreshing with a cooling aftertaste.
  8. Peach ICE By Britannia Salt 10ml

    Crisp peach on ice offering a fruity and cool vapour on both inhale and exhale.
  9. Raspberry Fizz By Britannia Salt 10ml

    Exciting fizzy kick of ripe raspberry to jumpstart your day! A sure shot guarantee to keep you jolly in every hit.
  10. Strawberry Icecream By Britannia Salt 10ml

    When the default Icecream flavour won’t do it for you, how ’bout we mix in some strawberries in there.
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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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