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All Shortfill

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  1. Candy Punch By Far 100ml Shortfill

    Bold sweet bursts of rainbow candy certain to shower your palate in juicy flavours. 100ml 0mg 75/25 vg/pg
  2. Grape Vape By Far 100ml Shortfill

    Full-bodied juicy medley of Concord, Ruby and Red Globe grapes. 100ml 0mg 75/25 vg/pg
  3. Marshmallow Breeze By Far 100ml Shortfill

    Full bodied infusion of luscious creamy marshmallow with a cool sensation 100ml 0mg 75/25 vg/pg
  4. Melon Ball By Far 100ml Shortfill

    A super-summer blend of juicy, sweet, and refreshing assorted melon. 100ml 0mg 75/25 vg/pg
  5. Neon Green Slushie By Far 100ml Shortfill

    One of a kind mouthwatering and invigorating bright neon lime blend. 100ml 0mg 75/25 vg/pg
  6. Pineapple Bliss By Far 100ml Shortfill

    A splendid fusion of ripe and tangy pineapple with sweet berry and tropical mango. 100ml 0mg 75/25 vg/pg
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6 Item(s)

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