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Vapergate Shortfill

Vapergate Shortfill

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  1. Donkey By Vapergate 0mg 100ml

    A mild but intense assault on your senses! 14 select flavors combined together to create a "punch" juice that is familiar yet completely unique to any other fruit juice you have ever come across 80/20 100ml 0mg
  2. Hyper Drive By Vapergate 0mg 100ml

    Hyper Drive: refreshing combination of tropical pineapple and luscious peach, paired together with a very subtle cream 80/20 100ml 0mg
  3. Crystal Smurf By Vapergate 0mg 100ml

    A full flavored blue raspberry is the main profile with this juice adorned with a more subtle bouquet of additional fruits and berries beneath. 80/20 100ml 0mg
  4. Komala By Vapergate 0mg 100ml

    Komala: A special blend of 7 tropical fruit flavours accented with a slight cooling menthol refresh without being obnoxious and overpowering. 80/20 100ml 0mg
  5. Smurf Ice By Vapergate 100ml shortfill

    Smurf Ice By Vapergate is a smooth blue raspberry slushy that leaves nothing to the imagination with a very nice refreshing menthol. Vapergate are a Colorado based E-liquid and hardware manufacturer, made out of the finest ingrediants and materials, nothing is sacrificed when it comes to Vapergate products.
  6. Phoenix By Vapergate 0mg 100ml

    A blend of Peach and Cream/Marshmellow 80/20 100ml 0mg
  7. Player One By Vapergate 0mg 100ml

    Player One: Dragon Fruit And tangerine 80/20 100ml 0mg
  8. Sweet Pea By Vapergate 0mg 100ml

    A sweet and tangy mango tea. 80/20 100ml 0mg
  9. Smurfette By Vapergate 0mg 100ml

    Smurfette: A very similar to Smurf's raspberriness but embraces a uniqueness all its own. 80/20 100ml 0mg
  10. MFPB By Vapergate 0mg 100ml

    MFPB: Imagine the inside of a Reeces Pieces candy. 80/20 100ml 0mg
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