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  • Evo Top Up Shots

Evo Top Up Shots


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Quick Overview

Evo Top Up Shot has been produced with 0mg vapers in mind, we have realised that 0mg vapers draw the short straw when it comes to shrotfill e-liquid.


No Longer will 0mg vapers be effected by stronger flavours and less juice with these top-up shots of either 100% pg or 100% vg. 

Some 0mg Shortfill E-liquids come with stranger flavourings in order to give the best flavour when a Nicotine Shot is added. This can be a problem for vapers that want to vape nicotine-free as if they do not add a nicotine shot the flavour can become a little overpowering, this is where the Evo Top Up Shots come in handy, these can be used instead of a nicotine shot which will ensure that the correct mixture is maintained. 

The Evo Top Up Shots are also great for those that would like to start dropping their nicotine intake, instead of adding 2 x 18mg shots into 100ml of juice to give you 3mg nicotine strength you can add 1x 18mg and 1x 0mg which will give you a 1.5mg nicotine strength.

How to use:

  1. Remove Nib from your shortfill bottle. 
    1. These can be quite tricky, Using a Alpha3 Nib Removal tool is reccommended (These can be purchased HERE)
  2. Remove the Nib From your Evo Top Up Shot
  3. Add top up shot to your shortfill
  4. Replace nib and lid on your shortfill
  5. Shake for a few minutes.
  6. Fill Tank
  7. Enjoy

How Many to use?

It can be a little confusing as to how many shots you need to use we have broken down the most common shortfill bottles and identified how many Top Up Shots are to be used.

  • 100ml (120ml) = 2 Shots
  • 80ml (100ml) = 2 shots
  • 50ml (60ml)= 1 shot
  • 25ml (30ml)= 1/2 shot

Additional Information

  • Max VG Shot designed for High VG Eliquid
  • Max PG Shot designed to bring HIGH VG Eliquid down to 60/40 or 50/50
  • Zero Nicotine
  • Package Contents
  • 1x Evo Top Up Shot
  • Country of Manufacture United Kingdom

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