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Fused Clapton Coils By HDNE


Evo Framed Staple Coils 0.1Ohm

Handmade Coils By Coilology

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Price From: £5.49

Quick Overview

Handmade Coils By coilology,
Comes with two premade coils and a small piece of cotton.



• Framed Staple Alien
  ○ Created with two round core wires either side of ribbon wire, wrapped in a de-cored and strethced clapton that is wound to produce the wavy Alien look. 

• Dragon Skin
  ○ The Dragon Skin coils not only look incredible but they provide an unbeatable flavour.

• Interlock Alien
• Alien
  ○ Created with tripple parallel wires, wrapped in a de-cored and stretched clapton. 

• Staggered Fused Clapton
  ○ Created with two round core wires wrapped in a spaced clapton then joined together by the spacing with an outer clapton wrap

• Staple Alien
  ○ This Wire is a 8 ply ribbon wire wrapped with 36awg

• Interlock Framed Staple Alien