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Ni 200 Pure Nickel No Res Wire


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Quick Overview

The wire is provided in a 10m reel


This Ni200 is TEMPERED Stealthvape is committed to sourcing the very best quality for your rebuildable requirements. We are delighted to add premium quality 99.6% pure Nickel Ni-200 wire to the website. Nickel ranks as one of the toughest metals, meaning that Ni-200 is highly resistant to corrosion while having very high thermal and electrical conductivity. We've found tempered wire easier to work with for DNA40 builds: Tempered Ni-200 we believe, better for those of you building coils for cotton. *Our organic Muji is free! The annealing temperature of Ni-200 is 750C / 1382F. Dry burning or torching tempered Ni-200 will exceed that temperature and turn tempered wire into annealed quicker than you can say "AWG is a silly way to measure wire diameter" Both types of wire are available in three different sizes: 0.20mm (32AWG) 0.32mm (28AWG) 0.40mm (26AWG)
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