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Twisted Messes RDA2 Lite


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    • This is a cloud chasing sport device and is not designed to be used with liquid containing nicotine.
  • Quick Overview

    These anodized aluminum TM²(TMSquared) RDA’s are available in 4 colors.

    All a beautiful Matte finish: Blue, Red, Dark Grey(Anthracite) and Gold

    Dual coil air-flow only, all parts fully compatible with the TM²RDA (TMSquared)

    Deck is stainless steel, top-cap is anodized aluminum. 22mm RDA.


    Enter the Twisted Messes² (Squared) RDA Lite and what it does is build open the original design and takes it to new heights of pure awesomeness.  Although in appearance, the deck looks like a rehash of the original along with one million other RDAs, at closer look, you will find that the ingenuity that took place while designing this beast is nothing short of ridiculous... and to top it off, Jay Bo once again got his meddling hands involved in this one.  To start off, this is actually a two post RDA, with two holes in each post, huge post holes, and lots of distance between the positive and negatives to accommodate builds nothing short of monstrosities.  The Twisted Messes² Lite sports a deep juicewell, and granular airflow adjustment that also accommodates single coil builds.  It is the same, if not more, of the cloud chucker as the original - but where the original was lacking, the Squared brings to you in abundance - flavor!  Yes, this RDA covers the gamut... and now with the Lite version, you get 4 colors of beautiful matte finished anodized aluminium.

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