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VapCell 21700 3750mah Battery


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Quick Overview

The VapCell 3750mAh 24A battery is one of the more reliable 21700 cells out on the market today. In multiple tests, it has shown its power with the ability to maintain a very low temperature for even the most demanding applications. 

Please note: Cells sold individually

Due to shipping restrictions batteries cannot be sent via air service which includes UPS Express and Royal mail, unfortunately we can’t offer free shipping over £30 if batteries are in your cart for these reasons. Evolution Vaping Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.



  • • Model: INR21700
  • • Size: 21.6*70.5mm
  • • Style: Flat Top
  • • Chemistry: INR
  • • Nominal Capacity: 3750mAh
  • • Continuous Discharge Rating: 24A
  • • Nominal Voltage: 3.6v
  • • End of charge voltage: 4.2v
  • • End of discharge voltage: 2.5v
  • • Protected: No
  • • Rechargeable: Yes

All batteries contain a label decal stating the approximate voltage and capacity. This label is easily removed to reveal the manufacturer print. The label decal is a requirement by the U.S. Government (IATA) which regulates the shipping of lithium ion batteries.

Warnings: Do not overcharge or over discharge, Recharge drained batteries immediately, Do not short circuit, Do not dispose of in fire, Do not expose to extreme heat or water, Please be familiar with handling lithium-ion batteries before purchase

If you would like to see Mooch's test results on these battereis please click HERE

Never Carry Loose batteries around in your pocket/bag. 

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